Month: May 2016

The Lambda Architecture and Big Data Quality

  In my previous post about data quality in the Big Data era, we’ve seen some of the challenges raised by the recently born data operating system that came with Hadoop 2.0 and YARN . In Part 2 of this series, I’d like to explore how this new framework changes the traditional landscape of the data quality dimensions.  […]

Implementing real mobile application effects with Ionic2

Mobile applications are specific since they need to handle devices of limited size. For this reason, they leverage specific UI mechanisms and gestures. In order to implement efficient applications of this kind, we need to follow proven patterns described in the following links : We won’t go further here but we will describe […]

This week in API land #51

The rise of APIs by Steve Sloan on TechCrunch (with Restlet listed in the “Enterprise API management > Lifecycle” box). Interesting GlueCon slide decks: I talked about the 5 sided prism polarizing Web API development and Get in the flow! The API developer workflow! Emmanuel Paraskakis presented on scaling the API flow James Higginbotham talked […]

Screencast: the Restlet Platform

A new screencast to watch! Do you want to know more about the Restlet Platform and its products? Please have a look at this short video describing what we have to offer, and how Restlet is making API developers more productive, thanks to Restlet Studio (our API designer), DHC by Restlet (for testing Web APIs) […]

This week in API land #50

A pretty round number for this 50th edition of this week in API land! We’ve published a new screencast teasing the Restlet Platform. RAML 1.0 is out. I’ve written a blog post outlining the new features and what’s breaking. Restlet will be at GlueCon, and I have two talks on the agenda! Please don’t hesitate […]

API Design – RAML 1.0 is out!

The new version of the RAML API definition language¬†is here, as announced on the RAML blog by Nial Darbey. In this article, we’ll briefly cover the novelties offered by this new release, and give you useful pointers to dig further. Mike Stowe, Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft, gave a presentation about RAML 1.0 and published […]