Month: April 2016

Screencast: Expose MySQL data through a web API with APISpark

This screencast will show you where to go in the APISpark¬†dashboard to create a SQL wrapper, update your¬†database’s structure and export and¬†test your API with DHC by Restlet. All of this in under 5 minutes! Just click Play, watch and try for yourself! Find more¬†APISpark screencasts¬†here.

Making Sense Out of the Big Data Tangle

Our Puzzled Customers In this era of Big Data, many of the IT people I talk with have a number of questions about the technology and trends associated with this new paradigm. For example, many of them are feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of data they now have to deal with – data that […]

Telcos and the Big Data-Driven Opportunity

– Blog by Chris Lewis at Lewis Insights The big data opportunity for telcos is not a new phenomenon.  Vast amounts of data have been generated both internally and externally over generations of fixed and mobile services for consumer, business and partners alike. Over The Top (OTT) players have come into the market and built […]

Restlet Tutorials… in Portuguese!

If you speak Portuguese and are interested in learning more about Restlet, it’s your lucky day! YouTuber Maycon Rocha, from channel¬†XDX Plus,¬†has created two complete tutorials that show off our all-in-one API platform: APISpark. In these tutorials,¬†Maycon creates a phonebook application using tools such as APISpark, Intel XDK, Ionic Labs and Angular JS. Enjoy! Part […]

Analytics for the Masses: Five Things to Consider

Every day we all make thousands of decisions, many of them are made subconsciously or are based on minimal information. And we often make them lightning fast – even when it comes to making decisions at work. So clearly we often rely on our intuition and gut feeling. Our intuition may often be better than […]

This week in API land #47

At Restlet, we’re working on some great updates to Restlet Studio, our API designer. We’ve also published a screencast showing how to create a Web API from scratch with Studio, and another one on how to import / export API definitions with Studio. In the coming months, expect some more cool things going on in […]

The Real Challenge of Analytics

I wrote in a previous post about the fallacy of the word big in the phrase “Big Data”. This catch phrase that has been associated with “everything having to do with the analysis of data” is a poisonous co-opting of the analytics space to fit a vendor’s needs. It creates a major barrier to adoption […]