Month: March 2016

Talend Integration Cloud Spring ‘16: Making Leaps with Spark, Amazon Redshift, and EMR Integration

Several years ago, the cloud was a concept that many forward looking businesses were just beginning to think about and which many feared. In fact, even as few as three years ago —particularly for enterprises—there were looming concerns around security, apprehension to relinquish one’s data to a third party, periodic incidents of massive cloud provider […]

One API, many facades

At our disposal, we have so many ways to interact with an API: from a mobile on iOS or Android, from a web application, or from other services or microservices. And all of them have different needs: one wants only a shallow overview of the data, while the other desires a detailed view of a […]

The Five Phases of Hybrid Integration—Part II

The challenges emerging from digital business, and demand for greater agility, are forcing changes to integration approaches. Integration leaders can assess technology providers by understanding the five key phases of hybrid integration projects and their needs as an organization.  In our last installment, we looked at the very first two phases of hybrid integration, which by […]

How To Operationalize Meta-Data in Talend with Dynamic Schemas

This blog addresses the operationalizing of meta-data usage in data management using Talend. To explain further you have files and tables which have schema definitions. The schemas hold information like name, data type, and length. This information can be imported or keyed in with a visual editor like Talend Studio at design time; however, this can […]

This week in API land #44

With our recent Restlet platform roll-out, we introduced new pricing plans. And to make it easier for developers to test your API modules, we’ve launched a Free Trial, giving you access to the full-featured Team Plan! Jonathan Michaux zoomed on APISpark, on how to manage teams and API sharing. We’re really looking to hearing your […]

Managing teams and API sharing in APISpark

A common team across all Restlet products, including APISpark Team management is much easier with the Restlet Platform’s new collaboration capabilities. Create one team, and manage it across APISpark, DHC by Restlet and Restlet Studio. For APISpark users with Team or Scale Plans, a team will automatically be created based on the way you were […]

Why Marketing Teams Need Data Prep Tools!

Guest blog by Charles Parat, Strategy & Innovation Director, Micropole Group In today’s world, business workers must utilize a range of enterprise applications in order to complete some of the more routine tasks associated with their job title. When these applications work well and help streamline repetitive tasks, workers have time to focus on more strategic endeavors […]