Month: March 2016

Talend Job Design Patterns and Best Practices: Part 2

  What a delight to have had such a positive response to my previous blog on Talend “Job Design Patterns” & Best Practices.  To all those who have read it, thank you!  If you haven’t read it, I invite you to read it now before continuing, as ~Part 2 will build upon it and dive a […]

What are the Top Three Questions Keeping CDOs Up at Night?

Gartner research recently posted the results of its inaugural survey of chief data officers (CDOs), which revealed that the primary mandate and objective of today’s CDO is to manage, govern and utilize information as an organizational asset. Well, at Talend we see ‘enterprise information’ as more than just ‘an asset’ – we believe it is […]

This week in API land #46

Restlet is proud and happy to sponsor Mark Boyd’s new market scan white paper on API serverless architecture. Jean-Philippe Le Goff demonstrates how to test your OAuth2 secured API using DHC. Thierry Templier shows how to customize the Jackson converter of Restlet Framework. A screencast on discovering Restlet Studio, a visual IDE for designing your […]

Five Key Tips for Making MDM the Foundation for Your Customer Centric Organizations

Customer data is everywhere. In some organizations, it can become the root cause for serious business inefficiencies: Undeliverable outbound e-mails, returned shipping, unaddressed customer claims, lack of privacy regulation compliance or data breaches. However, if customer data is managed correctly, it can fuel new levels of customer acquisition, company performance, sales conversion rates and the […]

Customizing the Jackson converter of Restlet Framework

The Restlet Framework integrates a powerful feature called converters to work on custom objects in server resources and let the framework convert them to and from text payloads. In this context, one of the most used converters is the Jackson one. The converter supports several format types like JSON, XML, YAML and Smile. Whereas most […]

API Testing – Test your OAuth2 secured API using DHC

With this post you will discover how to test an API secured with OAuth2 resource owner password flow. Going into this post we assume that you understand the concepts of OAuth2. For more information about it, please refer to Resource owner password flow is a two-legged approach that will require two steps: A first […]

This week in API land #45

I¬†wrote an article on InfoQ entitled “One API, many facades“, on the trends towards offering different facades for an API for each and every possible client. In this article, experience & ephemeral APIs are mentioned, and a discussion ensues on different approaches, like the Backend For Frontend pattern, the ways to customize payloads for consumers, […]