Month: February 2016

The API flow

In the API community, we often hear about the “API lifecycle“. There are different variations around this concept, but it relates to the various stages and activities an API project goes through: design, development, documentation, testing, deployment, consumption, management, monitoring, promotion, versioning, retirement, etc. You’ll find cycles more design focused on the design / development […]

Implementing Angular2 forms – Beyond basics (part 2)

In the first part of this article, we described the basics of the form support of Angular2. In this second part, we will deal with more advanced concepts. Improving forms As you can see, the form we created in the last section can be improved to be more concise and efficient to write. Here we […]

Step-by-Step: Constructing a Job in Talend Open Studio

  Did you know a commercial airplane generates on average 500 GB of data per hour when flying? Taking into account the number of hours an airplane can fly per day and the flights operated on a daily basis, this creates huge volumes of data that need to be processed. We have good news for […]

This week in API land #40

A big focus on Web API testing, with DHC by Restlet: Restlet published a screencast on API discovery, using the DHC API testing tool. You can also watch DHC creator Filip Kolarik in this webinar showing API discovery, testing, scenarios, and continuous integration with DHC. Yves de Montcheuil lists three reasons for thoroughly testing your […]

Good News Marketeers! Your Day Job Just Got a WHOLE lot Easier

Picture this: You just got back from a week in Vegas staffing yet another industry tradeshow. You’re exhausted, completely backlogged on email and other projects, and you have boatloads of new leads that need to be validated and entered into the CRM system…. You stare at that gigantic excel spreadsheet of names and think, “This […]

Implementing Angular2 forms – Beyond basics (part 1)

In this article, we will describe how to implement a form to update data of a Web API hosted on Restlet Cloud. Following up “Implementing an Angular 2 frontend over an APISpark-hosted Web API”, today we will focus on how to update a particular element, a company, based on the REST resource that provides a […]

Clean and Actionable Data 1 Click away

Self-service data preparation, which we define as empowering business users and analysts to prepare data for themselves prior to analysis, is often cited as the next big thing. In fact, Gartner predicts that “by 2017 most business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis”. To me, this […]

This week in API land #39

On ProgrammableWeb, Mark Boyd covers Restlet’s update of DHC API testing tool to add Continuous Delivery integrations. AppDeveloper Magazine offers a deep dive into DHC by Restlet for testing APIs, interviewing J√©r√¥me Louvel, Chief geek and founder of Restlet. Thierry Templier gave a very thorough and complete overview of the testing and continuous integration capabilities […]