Month: February 2016

Optimizing your Restlet Framework server applications

There are several ways to optimize Restlet applications. We can leverage features of the HTTP protocol itself like caching or compression but also at the level of third-party tools like Restlet converters and template engines. This allows you to have an application that provides quicker responses and optimized contents. Using caching One possible optimization is […]

This week in API land #42

Following up the article on the theme of a day in the life of API evangelists on Nordic APIs blog, I’ve published the whole interview with my thoughts on API evangelism. Thierry Templier published the last part of his article on Angular 2 forms handling (see part one and part two). Yves de Montcheuil announces […]

A day in the life of an API evangelist

On Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld interviewed several API evangelists to discuss the role of API evangelists, the different activities they do, how to develop a community, and more. Please be sure to read a Day in the life of an API evangelist. I was very happy to take part in this interview, and Bill […]

JAX-RS 2.1 Specification Work Has Started

A Talend Community Coders post brought to you by: Sergey Beryozkin JAX-RS 2.1 specification work has finally started after a rather quiet year and this is a good news for JAX-RS users at large and CXF JAX-RS users in particular. JAX-RS 2.1 is entirely Java 8 based and a number of new enhancements are on […]

Implementing Angular2 forms – Beyond basics (part 3)

In the first part of this article, we deal with foundations of the form support. We then describe in a second part more advanced features to make form creation and processing more concise and robust. It’s now time to tackle the form submission. Handling form submission Angular 2 automatically applies the NgForm directive to the […]

Delivering Data “As You Like It” with Self-Service

This article was originally published on the O’Reilly Media Ideas Blog When organizations seek the benefits of a data-driven culture, they require more efficient approaches to uncovering answers and insights. Self-service analytics can help address that need for speedy understanding. Self-service analytics provides data access to more people within a company—along with the autonomy to […]

This week in API land #41

App Developer Magazine talks about Restlet’s update of its DHC Web-based API testing tool. And we’ve put online a new screencast on testing Web APIs with DHC, using assertions, scenarios, and how to integrate that in your build and continuous integration pipeline. Sharing and saving your Web API designs in the cloud with Restlet Studio. […]

Big Data & Logistics: 7 Current Trends to Watch

“Hey ‘Big Data’ is just a big fuzzy word for me” quoted a Vice President of an Innovation Center at a big logistic company back in early 2015. Just one year later, he not only has to admit that ‘Big Data’ is the next big revolution, but has already applied big data technology to dramatic […]