Month: January 2016

Talend Connect 2015: Rethinking Data

The last quarter of 2015 was marked by our 7th annual user conference, Talend Connect. After day one, which focused exclusively on retail partners and integrators, the user conference continued with some 300 participants heeding Talend’s call, including customers, sponsors, exhibitors, journalists and analysts, to name a few. Video>> Talend Connect 2015 Recap Rethinking How […]

This week in API land #38

Yves de Montcheuil announces Restlet new plans, new unified capabilities across the Restlet platform. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Restlet announced the integration of DHC by Restlet in HP Systinet. Yves also lists 4 lessons in the democratization of APIs on Voxxed. Thierry Templier highlighted the upcoming big changes in Angular.JS 2 that are going to […]

API Testing – Discovering Web APIs using Restlet Client

Restlet Client (fka DHC) is an awesome part of Restlet Platform that facilitates the interaction with RESTful services. It allows you to discover contracts of such services and simulate interactions with them. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about this tool? In fact, it’s a lot of small things that make your user experience better, […]

Restlet Framework 2.3.6 released

The version 2.3.6 of the Restlet Framework has been released yesterday. You can get Maven artifacts from our public Maven repository, download a zip containing jar, javadocs and sources from or use the Eclipse update site, to get the latest and greatest of Restlet Framework.

3 Cloud Trends to Prepare for in 2016

With the rapid changes to SaaS applications and cloud platforms taking place today, the area of cloud integration is now in constant flux. Years ago, cloud integration used to be seen as a tool that accomplished a simple use case, such as replicating SaaS data to an on-premise database for analytics. However, with the innovations […]

WADL and Swagger United in Apache CXF

A Talend Community Coders post brought to you by: Sergey Beryozkin Who could’ve thought that Swagger and WADL can be real friends ? Both Swagger and WADL are about describing REST APIs and while the former has a definite momentum, the latter has proved to be very capable and helpful to JAX-RS users. The important […]

Talend Joins Google to Propose Dataflow as an ASF Incubator Project

Hadoop and the broader Big Data ecosystem continue to innovate at an incredible rate. By harnessing the power of the community and creating a survival-of-the-fittest competitive landscape, the open-source development approach helps not only fuel the pace of innovation but also drive buyer confidence and market adoption. Open source is also important to a growing […]

All Talend MDM Users Can Now Help Create a Golden Record

  At Talend we feel the need for a single view of the customer has reached a whole new level. And Talend 6 is introducing a very powerful tool that will empower all MDM users to create a golden record that will make every customer interaction personal. We all understand that everyone in the company […]

This week in API land #37

Thierry Templier dives into Node.JS based-APIs, and what APISpark can bring to them, using Swagger for the API definition, and Express.JS and HAPI for the implementation. J√©r√¥me Louvel interviewed Dion Hinchcliffe about the past and future of Web APIs for InfoQ. Voxxed published the video of my presentation at the Devoxx conference about the never-ending […]