Month: December 2015

Software Development’s Fountain of Youth

You can view software development as being very similar to any other highly mechanized process designed to build things. Rather like a factory with all of the interrelated processes that go into making the final product. Like any manufacturing process, the software development life cycle starts with analysis and requirements and then moves on to […]

Don’t Let Your Emails Bounce Back!

  When was the last time one of your emails bounced back – Perhaps yesterday or maybe even in the last hour? In a world where email has obviously become a crucial communication channel, the lack of email validation and verification in customer email lists can be a major hurdle for your company. This is […]

Letting Your Data Quality Software Understand Your Data

  When profiling your data, sometimes you just don’t know which columns you should look into or what you should validate in them. How much would it help if your data profiling software understood your data and helped you select the relevant quality indicators? This is exactly what the new Talend 6 semantic wizard is […]

Exception handling with Restlet Framework

Restlet Framework provides several approaches to handle exceptions on both client and server sides. You can choose to use the Restlet Framework API itself or use a higher level approach based on custom exceptions and / or annotated exceptions.

Spoiler Alert! Talend 6.1 Hits the ‘Big Screen’

Back in September I talked about how excited I was about the new Star Wars movie coming out. Well, that day is upon us. Yes, Thursday, Dec 17, is the pre-ordained day in my part of the world (Ireland).  Have you ever been hit by a spoiler? You know, an older sister who breaks the news about […]

When it Comes To Big Data – Speed Matters

  Talend vs Informatica – The Big Data Benchmark If you’ve spoken to a Talend sales representative or read some of my team’s marketing material, then you’ve undoubtedly heard our claims that when it comes to Big Data, Talend offers some significant speed advantages over the competition. Concerned that some folks might dismiss this content […]

Understanding and using CORS

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows us to use Web applications within browsers when domains aren’t the same. For example, a site with domain wants to execute AJAX requests to a Web application with domain using HTTP. Using CORS isn’t so simple especially when you face debugging difficulties. As a matter of fact, […]

The Star Wars API interview

The highly anticipated “Star Wars: the force awakens” new episode of the Star Wars franchise will be in display worldwide, and millions of fans will rush into theaters to watch it. Paul Hallett created a Star Wars web API that lists movie characters, films, starships, vehicles, species and planets.