Month: November 2015

Creating the Golden Record that Makes Every Click Personal

  Gartner has just released its annual “Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solution”. You can download a free copy of the report from our web site. This feels like the perfect time to share some thoughts on the market trends, highlight some of the best practices from Talend MDM customers, and […]

The Universal Language of Data Mastery

  It’s no secret that big data is engulfing society at large. A recent survey of senior level IT professionals by CIO Insight, found that 90% of respondents said their organizations were investing in big data and analytics.  So, what do these results really mean? It means that companies in all sectors are finding value […]

6 Things You Should be Looking for in a Big Data Platform

  In order to become data-driven, organizations need to be able to understand the “what?”, the “why?” and the “what if?” using not only their enterprise data (myopic view), but also the Big Data surrounding them (geolocation, social, and sensor data). This is the only way to gain a 360-degree view of their customers, business […]

Too Soon to Talk Holiday Shopping?

  We recently completed a survey uncovering some of the new opportunities and challenges facing online retailers. You can read the highlights in the press release here:… . As you’ll see, one of the focus areas of the survey is around the challenge of shopping -cart abandonment, which costs the retail industry hundreds of […]

A Surprisingly Simple but Effective Masking System

  I used to watch the TV show Zorro as a kid — fantastic stuff.  While it never put me off watching, I do distinctly recall thinking how absolutely ludicrous it was that nobody could figure out that Zorro was actually nobleman, Don Diego de la Vega. Come on people, they have the same moustache […]

You Too Can Become a Data Rock Star & Change the World

  I had the chance to attend Apache Spark Summit last week in Amsterdam and was lucky enough to meet Matei Zaharia in person (he is my MIT Big Data online course assistant professor). Matei is indeed a modern rock star for being part of the Spark inception team. It was his experience trying to […]

Our Sandbox has Better Toys

  Today we launched a new real-time big data Sandbox. This is a super quick and painless way for you to gain first-hand experience with one of the latest big-data innovations, Apache Spark. For those of you not familiar with a Sandbox, we’re basically talking about a virtual development environment. Our virtual environment combines our […]