Month: October 2015

Real-time stock quotes from Google Finance with APISpark

Google Finance offers a neat integration with Google Sheets as presented in this article. Also APISpark offers to turn a Google spreadsheet into an API. Let’s combine both of them to create a dashboard that monitors in real-time the Google Finance stock quotes. First, we create a spreadsheet “My_quotes” that contains a worksheet “Quote” where […]

Talend Connect: Step into the future of Big Data!

  Save the date! Talend Connect will be back in Paris on November 18 and 19. This year the Talend Connect event will take place over two days. The first day will be entirely devoted to Talend’s partners. Over the course of the day we will showcase the new features of Talend 6, the first […]

Implementing file upload with Restlet Framework

File upload corresponds to the ability to send files from an HTTP client like HTML pages or Java applications to an HTTP-compliant server. After having described the different concepts behind this issue, we will see that Restlet Framework provides a consistent support to implement it within Java applications at both client and server-side levels. Possible […]

Three Key Takeaways from Amazon re:Invent 2015

  Upon returning from AWS re:Invent, a jam-packed cloud computing frenzy in Las Vegas, I was a) pumped up about the impact that cloud environments can have for all of our customers and beyond; and b) left thinking about what key messages really stood out. There was a lot to take in—but one thing was […]

Building ‘Houses’ in the Cloud

  In my IT career I have had the opportunity to work on many great Data Management projects, ranging from simple extract, transform and load (ETL) assignments that support operational systems like CRM, SFA, and ERP, to simple Data Warehouses.  I have been on some very impressive Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality projects […]

API Testing – Discover Restlet Client

You’ve certainly heard about Restlet Client¬†(fka DHC) joining the Restlet family a few months ago. Client¬†is an awesome API testing¬†tool to interact with REST services. You’re probably wondering what’s so different about this tool? In fact, it’s a lot of small things that make your user experience better, save you precious time when debugging REST […]

You’ve Bought Into the Cloud: Now What?

  For the last few years we’ve been hearing about the benefits of the cloud. And at this point, many of us agree the benefits are sizable and beneficial.  So, let’s say you’ve finally agreed that it’s time to move to the cloud – what’s next? First off, “the cloud” can mean anything – so […]

Manage your contacts with AngularJS, Material Design and APISpark as a Backend-as-a-Service

Mobile and front-end developers are fond of Backend-as-a-Service solutions to quickly setup the server infrastructure for their application. You need to deliver an app to your customer, and you’re more on the client-side of the story, so diving into the arcane of backend development, application deployment and server administration can be seen as a painful […]

Self-Service and Data Governance Empowers LOB Users

There is a major transformation underway in the use of data centric tools within the enterprise. When it comes to working with solutions for data integration, data preparation, data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI), the emphasis is shifting from IT to line of business (LOB) users. This is a natural evolution.  LOBs today have to […]

Make your first API call with a snippet of code

With your API hosted on or managed through APISpark, you’ll naturally want to call your API! You could obviously copy the endpoint and path, the credentials, etc, and craft your curl call on the command-line. Or you could use the built-in Swagger UI to directly debug or play with your API directly in the browser. […]