Month: July 2015

Surprising Data Warehouse Lessons from a Scrabble Genius

Tags: talend integration cloud, data integration, scrabble, data warehouse,   Lessons in data warehousing and cloud data integration can come from unexpected places. Consider: the latest French-language Scrabble champion doesn’t speak French. New Zealander Nigel Richards just won the international French World Scrabble® Championship without speaking the language at all, even using many obscure words […]

Hadoop Summit 2015 Takeaway: The Lambda Architecture

Tags: hadoop, machine learning, cloud, big data, spark, flink, lambda architecture,   It has been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Hadoop Summit in San Jose and I wanted to share a few highlights that I believe validate the direction Talend has taken over the past couple of years. Coming out […]

Data Preparation: Empowering The Business User

Tags: data preparation, data quality, data integration, data governance,   A growing number of business users with limited knowledge of computer programming are taking an interest in integration functions and data quality, as companies become more and more “data-driven”. From marketing to logistics, customer service to executive management, HR to finance, data analysis has become […]