Month: May 2015

The Power of One

  When we last spoke, I talked about how Talend is working with data-driven companies to define and implement their One-Click data strategies. 1-Click, introduced by in 1999, allows customers to make on-line purchases with a single click – and is a showcase of how well they can turn massive volumes of shopper, supplier […]

Implementing bulk updates within RESTful services

In a previous¬†post, we describe the best practices of API design¬†(i.e. RESTful service). It deals with foundations on the way to implement REST principles. The latter mainly focuses on the way to implement CRUD operations but doesn’t tackle bulk updates. The aspect is really important since it allows to minimize the interactions with the server […]

Agatha Christie and the Challenge of Cloud Integration

  Many classic detective novels progress in a familiar way: the hero, Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple for instance, has an incomplete understanding of how the crime played out and must painstakingly collect information from witnesses – filtering out lies from truth – until the big picture falls into place. In Agatha Christie’s best-selling novels, […]