Month: March 2015

What is “The Data Vault” and why do we need it?

  For anything you might want to do, understanding the problem and using the right tools is essential.  Resulting methodologies and best practices that inevitably arise become the catalyst for innovation and superior accomplishments.  Database systems, particularly data warehouse systems are no exception, yet does the best data modeling methodologies of the past offer the […]

Announcing the Talend Passport for MDM Success

Tags: mdm, data governance, data-driven,   The need for a 360° view of customers, products, or any business objects needed in your daily work is not new. Wasn’t it supposed to be addressed with ERP, CRM, Enterprise Data Warehouses, by the way? But the fact is that there is still a gap between the data […]

Avoiding the Potholes on the Way to Cost Effective MDM

Tags: mdm, master data management, cost, effective, soa, open source,   Master data management is one of those practices that everyone in business applauds. But anyone who has been exposed to the process realizes that MDM often comes with a price. Too often what began as a seemingly well thought out and adequately funded project […]