Month: February 2015

Retail: Personalised Services to Generate Customer Confidence

In recent years, the Internet and e-commerce have revolutionised the retail industry, in the same way, for example, as the appearance of supermarkets. Beyond ease of purchase and the ability to consult the opinion of other consumers, e-commerce has overwhelmingly changed the way in which information about a customer’s journey to purchase is captured. Today, […]

What is a Container? Cloud and SOA Converge in API Management (Container Architecture Series Part 2)

  This is the second in a series of posts on container-centric integration architecture. The first post provided a brief background and definition of the Container architecture pattern. This post explores how Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud initiatives converge in API Management, and how Platforms provide the Containerization infrastructure necessary for API Management. Today we […]

Defining Your “One-Click”

People talk about the impact of the “digital transformation” and how companies are moving to becoming “data-driven,” but what does it mean in practice? It may help to provide a couple of examples of data-driven companies. Netflix is often cited as a great example of a data-driven company. The entertainment subscription service is well known […]