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The fastest, most cost effective way to connect data.

Talend offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture to maximize its value to your business. Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly with native code generation that streamlines development.

develop 3 times faster

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increase trust in data

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lower cost of ownership

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Gartner Recognizes Talend as a Leader

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We immediately saw the benefit of using Talend as our ETL tool. Data Warehouse Studio in conjunction with Talend is basically a fast-track solution and saved us both time and money. It's proving to be 3 times faster than developing the same ETLs by hand and the ability to reuse Jobs, instead of rewriting them each time, is extremely valuable. Inderjit Chhatwal, Vice President and Business Systems Development Manager, Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC

Immediate Benefits, Long-term Results

Develop 3 times faster
and do more with your data

Talend Studio features over 800 connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more data. Graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards speed design, testing, and generation of code in the languages you need. Easily manage and monitor projects from simple, one-time ETL projects to complex, ongoing data synchronization projects requiring thousands of jobs. Teams leverage a shared repository and versioning tools for maximum productivity.

Improve data accuracy and increase trust.

Talend Data Quality profiles data, identifies anomalies, cleanses data and monitors data quality over time regardless of format or size. Through data de-duplication, validation, standardization and enrichment you create clean and high-quality data for access, reporting and analytics. Integrate external reference data sources for postal validation, business identification, credit score information, and more.

Expect the lowest TCO
of any data integration solution.

Subscription pricing, based on developers, not CPUs or connectors, provides a low upfront investment and predictable cost basis even as data volumes and systems grow exponentially. Leverage existing resources and infrastructure with an open standards, unified data integration and data quality solution. Stay at the leading edge of development and innovation with the Talend Forge community of 100,000+ members.

Respond Faster to Business Needs

Data Lifecycle
Use Talend Studio to design data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface. Enable teams of developers to collaborate better using a shared repository Use profiling and data matching studio to understand and cleanse your data more accurately Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console Scale up with a high availability environment, virtual servers, and advanced clustering
Design Faster
Use Talend Studio to design data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface.
Collaborate Better
Enable teams of developers to collaborate better using a shared repository
Cleanse Earlier
Use profiling and data matching studio to understand and cleanse your data more accurately
Manage More
Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console
Scale Easier
Scale up with a high availability environment, virtual servers, and advanced clustering

Right Size Your Data Integration Solution

Right size your data integration solution with the feature set and licensing options to best fit your project and budget.

Open Studio for Data Integration
Enterprise Data Integration
Platform for Data Management
License Apache Subscription Subscription
Design Faster
& Scale Easily
800+ Components & Connectors + Modeling, Testing,
Sharing, & Debugging
+ Repository Manager& Visual Mapping
On Demand Documentation Included Included Included
Business Modeler Included Included Included
Eclipse-based developer tooling Included Included Included
ETL & ELT support Included Included Included
Job designer Included Included Included
Versioning Included Included Included
Audit Unavailable Included Included
Automatic documentation Unavailable Included Included
Change data capture (CDC) Unavailable Included Included
Drools business rule management system (BRMS) Unavailable Included Included
Distant run Unavailable Included Included
Dynamic schema Unavailable Included Included
Impact analysis Unavailable Included Included
Interactive data viewer Unavailable Included Included
Jobs compare Unavailable Included Included
Parallelization Unavailable Included Included
Reference projects Unavailable Included Included
Re-usable joblets Unavailable Included Included
Team collaboration with shared repository Unavailable Included Included
Testing, debugging and tuning Unavailable Included Included
Centralized metadata management Unavailable Included Included
Wizards Unavailable Included Included
Repository manager Unavailable Unavailable Included
Visual mapping for complex XML and EDI Unavailable Unavailable Included
Collaborate Better
& Manage More
Unavailable Manage Administration, Deployment, & Automate Tasks + High availability, load balancing, and failover
Amazon EC2 lifecycle control Unavailable Included Included
Check points, error recovery Unavailable Included Included
Context management (dev, QA, prod) Unavailable Included Included
Deployment manager and team collaboration Unavailable Included Included
Execution plan, time and event-based scheduler Unavailable Included Included
Log server with dashboard Unavailable Included Included
Activity Monitoring Console Unavailable Included Included
Talend Administration Center Unavailable Included Included
High availability, load balancing, failover Unavailable Unavailable Included
Increase Trust
with Data Quality
Unavailable Unavailable Cleansing, Profiling, Stewardship
Batch execution of analyses Unavailable Unavailable Included
Big data quality capabilities (parsing & matching) Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Comprehensive survivorship Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data cleansing Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data profiling Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data quality monitoring,
reporting & dashboards
Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data standardization Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data stewardship Unavailable Unavailable Included
Enrichment, fuzzy matching & de-duplication Unavailable Unavailable Included
Graphical charts with drilldown data Unavailable Unavailable Included
Third-party address validation services Unavailable Unavailable Optional
Support TalendForge Community,
Help Center access
+ Guaranteed Response Times, Web & Email Support + Phone Support
Unavailable Included Included
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Why Talend?

The more connected the world becomes, the more quickly a business must adapt. By design, Talend integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a unified, open, and predictable platform.

Demand for integrating more data sources, for getting more real-time data, keeps increasing. Requests for urgent changes from business users become more and more frequent. But you are not getting more resources!

What you need are cutting-edge tools that adapt to the way you work, not the opposite... and tools that help you deliver faster on business requirements.

As a data-focused developer, it is time for you to take a fresh look at how you do data integration.

How do you do data integration today?

Hand Coding

Hand coding

Are you writing data movement and transformation scripts manually, or managing scripts built by others? Is maintenance becoming an increasing burden?

Find out more!

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio

You love Talend Open Studio for its ease of use and productivity. Take it to the next step with an enterprise-ready, teamwork-enabled solution, built around Talend Open Studio.

What is the difference?

Other ETL Tool

Other ETL Tool

Do you have to jump through the hoops of an inflexible ETL tool, with its proprietary language, missing connectors and expensive add-ons?

Why you should change