Getting the Right Tools for Data Integration

Demand for integrating more data sources, for getting more real-time data, keeps increasing. Requests for urgent changes from business users become more and more frequent. But you are not getting more resources!

What you need are cutting-edge tools that adapt to the way you work, not the opposite... and tools that help you deliver faster on business requirements.

As a data-focused developer, it is time for you to take a fresh look at how you do data integration.

How do you do data integration today?

Hand Coding

Hand coding

Are you writing data movement and transformation scripts manually, or managing scripts built by others? Is maintenance becoming an increasing burden?

Find out more!

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio

You love Talend Open Studio for its ease of use and productivity. Take it to the next step with an enterprise-ready, teamwork-enabled solution, built around Talend Open Studio.

What is the difference?

Other ETL Tool

Other ETL Tool

Do you have to jump through the hoops of an inflexible ETL tool, with its proprietary language, missing connectors and expensive add-ons?

Why you should change