Working with Apache CXF

Apache CXF is a framework for developing Open Source services that simplifies the creation, configuration, deployment and use of Web services through multiple transports, protocols and data formats. Systems integration is increasingly diverse and complex, and this framework provides a way for developers to launch and maintain new Web services in SOA environments.

This course is designed to teach participants the skills required to build SOAP and REST Web services using CXF. It deals with the basic architecture, design approaches and implementation mechanisms required for the establishment of integrated Web services.

Duration 2 days (14 hours)
Target audience Java application programmers.
Prerequisites Understanding of Java, basic skills in Maven and intermediate skills in Spring.
Course objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Describe the function of the architectural elements of CXF.
  • Match specific Web services technology to the purposes associated with them in the CXF framework.
  • Create a Web service using one of the two approaches to development.
  • Develop a SOAP-based Web service using one of the two front ends.
  • Implement a CXF service provider or a message-sending service.
  • Implement a solution using the Document or RPC SOAP type of communication, and specify when to use the WS-Addressing or Callback integration models.
  • Apply different data bindings.
  • Apply and integrate XSD format and XML format to specify service contracts and schema structure.
  • Deploy CXF clients and providers in JVM, Tomcat and EJB containers.
  • Apply simple CXF interceptors or custom interceptors in the CXF endpoints.
  • Implement CXF client and CXF server components for REST and SOAP.
  • Create a service implementation from a WSDL file.
  • Invoke a Web service with a Java client or JavaScript.
  • Configure transport-level security.
Course agenda
  • Web services running in the background
  • REST Web services in CXF
  • SOAP Web services in CXF
  • WSDL service definitions for SOAP
  • CXF architecture and functionality
  • Web services security
  • WS-* SOAP extensions