Hadoop Tools

Why Talend is Your Best Solution for Hadoop Tools

Apache's open source Hadoop project has helped make big data analytics economically feasible by leveraging the distributed computational power of large numbers of commodity servers. Doing useful work with a Hadoop cluster is technically challenging, however, and consequently there's been a growing demand for Hadoop tools that can make Hadoop's vast processing power more accessible. Talend Open Studio for Big Data features powerful Hadoop tools that make it easy to work with Hadoop technologies and to integrate them into your enterprise data flows.

Talend's Hadoop Tools Make Hadoop Accessible

Talend's Hadoop tools empower more developers and more organizations to leverage Hadoop for big data management. The Hadoop tools in Talend Open Studio for Big Data are:

  • Ease to use. The Talend development environment is based on Eclipse and allows you to perform complex big data integration operations simply by dragging graphical components from a palette to a central workspace and configuring them. Talend automatically generates the corresponding code, which you can view through the interface.
  • Powerful and versatile. In the Talend graphical IDE you can leverage an array of Hadoop applications including HDFS, Hadoop Hive, Hbase, and Sqoop. Move data into a Hadoop cluster, perform transformations on it, extract data from Hadoop – all without having to write any code.
  • Affordable. Talend Open Studio for Big Data is an open source solution, free to download and use under an Apache license. For added enterprise functionality such as team collaboration tools, load balancing, and application failover, we also offer the subscription-based Talend  Data Integration suite.

Talend Solutions Deliver Hadoop Tools and Much More

With Talend Open Studio for Big Data or Talend Data Integration, you get something most other Hadoop tools can't offer – the ability to integrate Hadoop big data technologies into your overall enterprise data flows. Talend data integration applications feature hundreds of components that make it fast and easy to move data between any major database and any major file format. Need to load massive data from log files into Hadoop? Or extra data from Hadoop to MySQL, Oracle, or Sybase?

With Talend's market-leading open source integration solutions, you can implement big data operations like these efficiently and reliably, without any manual coding.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.