Talend’s Master Data Management Delivers Accurate and Factual Data for Revenue

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners needed a single metadata repository for access to complex business and third party data and deployed Talend MDM to deliver

Maidenhead (UK)

Revenue’s core business is the assessment and collection of taxes and duties for the Republic of Ireland. There are in excess of 65 Revenue offices countrywide with a staff complement of over 5,700.

Revenue provides its authorised users with access to operational business and third-party data in its data warehouse for query, reporting and analytics purposes. This data is often complex and is increasing in both the range of data available and volume.  Historically, metadata has been drawn from multiple sources where it was available, for example spreadsheets and other business documentation.  A comprehensive metadata solution is required to help the business to understand truly the data it is using.  A key requirement was to move to a single metadata repository to store pertinent metadata describing internal and external data in a secure, managed environment that can be easily accessed by authorised staff - and Talend’s MDM solution has been selected for this process.

Talend’s integration solutions are already used as the corporate ETL tool within Revenue, and because much of the technical metadata around data manipulations and transformations is already being captured within this Talend solution, Talend’s MDM solution became the obvious choice for this single metadata repository.

Kevin Hutchinson, Business Intelligence Manager for Revenue comments, “Like most large organisations Revenue has a broad range of users accessing data, from occasional users at one end of the spectrum to power users and IT at the other end working with the broad range of revenue and third-party data for query, reporting and analytics. The security and access controls within Talend MDM allow Revenue to have full control over what users can see and do. Revenue has also deployed web services to provide access to Talend MDM, which allows business users to access metadata directly from existing BI applications hiding complex navigation and functionality.”

Using Talend MDM, it is anticipated that the metadata solution will increase the understanding of data throughout the organisation leading to improved decision making and improved data quality over time. The Talend MDM web user interface will also help Revenue to reduce metadata management and deployment costs by providing business analysts with one centralised location from which to retrieve metadata that was previously held in the separate technical and business documentation and spreadsheets owned by the business and technical experts.

Hutchinson adds, “Talend MDM’s flexible data model and off-the-shelf web-based user interface allow for rapid deployment, and a more fluid solution, where changes can be made to the application without incurring the additional costs of a custom solution.”

François Méro, vice president of global sales, Talend, concluded: “We are delighted that Revenue continues to deploy Talend integration solutions. Data accuracy is a critical element for all organisations’ day-to-day operations, particularly where individuals’ tax affairs are concerned. We are confident that Revenue will continue to experience data accuracy, time and cost efficiencies in the knowledge that Talend MDM is delivering the single metadata repository required for all their users to access the business and third-party data with ease.”