Integration at Any Scale

Scale Any Project

From small projects to enterprise implementations, Talend enables successful integration with its truly scalable solution. Now you can unify data, applications, and business processes in a single platform, speeding time to value. Find out why customers rely on Talend as their platform of choice to handle projects of any size. With Talend on your team, you’re ready for any integration challenge.
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Scale Developer Skills

Open, agile, and adaptable, Talend scales your development team’s skillsets across all levels of integration—data, application, and business process. Talend brings your team powerful, easy-to-use tools that leverage industry standards and require less training. Developers can get up and running faster, and start delivering truly impressive results. And they can move seamlessly between projects.
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Scale Data

It’s a fact—legacy solutions do not scale for big data. But Talend does. With an open architecture free from legacy limitations, it fully leverages the distributed processing power of Apache Hadoop to deliver infinite scalability at a finite (and predictable) cost. So you can get the many benefits of big data today and be ready for new challenges tomorrow. Protect your investment—choose Talend for integration at any scale.
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